A man of many facets and many faces and (currently) no beard
Artist, sculptor, author, photographer, designer, engineer, visionary, penman, raconteur, dishwasher
Ancient History:
'Way back in 1981, after obtaining a degree in Industrial Arts, Charles launched into fine woodworking in Aspen, Colorado creating the best of the best hand-crafted furniture for the richest of the rich. John Denver and Les Wexner (the Limited, Victoria's Secret) were a couple of client he designed for.

I are an Engineer!:
He then jumped ship and went into production woodworking and became a self-taught design engineer at Triad Speakers. He designed the product, the processes, the machinery and even the plant. Spearheading a Just-In-Time manufacturing shift when it was the new up-and-coming 'thing'.

Charles Fine Art Portraits
In 2002 he dove off cliff and opened Charles Fine Art Portraits, a photographic portrait studio specializing in wall portraits. He has photographed Senators, Mayors, Miss America and other 'celebs' but always treats everyone of his clients as royalty. His works are often mistaken for oil paintings.

Pets and people interest him to no end, so that led to two fundraising book projects that raised over $70,000 for two pet-oriented charities in Portland. And, in late 2017 he launched his third book: 'We Love Our Pets' (see below)

And, in the middle of all this:
Concurrently with the studio, Charles has designed and launched three products on Kickstarter, The SlingShot, the PocketShot, and the SimplePen. He also developed and ran the Finex Skillet project that raised over $200,000 and launched them as a company.

Furniture; Redux:
Not appreciating the value of sleep, he also began seeing the possibilities in assembling miscellaneous finds into functional forms... and Redirected Materials was born! In a way he is returning to his roots of furniture-making, yet with a decidedly off-the-beaten-track twist of whimsy punctuating solid design and functionality.

Beautiful, Boring:
Today, he lives on 3 acres in Boring, Oregon (yes, it really is called 'Boring'!) with two cats, two ducks and his best beloved wife of 35 years, Annie. His shop is his refuge from the madness that we call modern life, and it is where his mind is free to wander...
70.25" h, 36" waist, 40" outseam


Flesh, bone, beer, yogurt

Legs are hardened steel wire
Backbone is resilient composite
Outer covering by Brioni
Operating system by my Father (in development)

price: ~$2.46
(valuation provided by Annie Waugh)
Serena (Beenie), my wife's cat
Annie, the best wife I have
BikBik, my cat
Charles G. Waugh
503-663-1513 ext 4
Yes, that's my Portrait Studio's phone
and it tracks me down anytime, anywhere